Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

House Rules

We are sharing a workspace and resources. Let’s be good neighbors.

• Break rooms, phone booths and conference rooms are good spots to chat. Let’s not be too noisy for those working around us. Please keep calls and conversations to designated areas. Headphones are great for music. • We have cleaning service but everyone still needs to load the dishwasher, put garbage in the bins and clean up individual messes. • Even if it’s just for a quick phone call, please reserve time in conference rooms and offices before using them. • Visitors should be with their host when visiting the building • All members will follow security procedures including not to let anyone follow you into the building and do not leave doors propped open. • We all want to work in a nice space. Please don’t alter or damage any of the fixtures. • We’ll have networking opportunities. During the other times please let members focus on their work when they’re working. • We have what you need. Please do not bring in or use any personal appliances like space heaters or cooking equipment. • Most of us love animals but maybe not everyone or their allergies agree. Please do not bring any animals into the building other than certified assistance animals, which are being used solely for the purposes of such certification. • Refrigerators will be cleaned out at the end of every Friday. All food and personal items in the kitchen will be removed. • Company signs will be limited to memberships with an assigned desk or private space. Check in with the Incubizo team for permitted signage. • Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be successful. Be a good neighbor.